Additional battery Solax Power Lithium Slave  Triple Power 5.8kW (HV11550)
Additional battery Solax Power Lithium Slave...

Additional battery Solax Power Lithium Slave Triple Power 5.8kW (HV11550)

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Additional battery Lithium Slave  Triple Power 5.8kW (HV11550)


Additional battery Solax Power Lithium Slave  Triple Power 5.8kW (HV11550)

Buy the Triple Power ion battery 5.8kWh High voltage at the best price available online. Add this battery to the Triple Power H5.8 MasterPack to increase memory. You can 3 SlavePack to MasterPack. The total capacity can be 23.2 kWh.

Lithium iron phosphate battery: The Triple power features Lithium iron phosphate technology, and this is what makes it lighter than other lead acid batteries. Lithium iron phosphate is safer for the environment. It does not suffer from the memory effect and the autonomy is higher.

100% discharge: This battery ensures the best discharge on the market at 90%. You have a capacity of 5800Wh which you can discharge up to 5800Wh.

6000 life cycles and +: The long life cycle of this battery allows an ideal use even in the long term. With an average of 250 cycles per year, the battery has an estimated life of approximately 25 years.

Lightweight design: The weight of SOLAX is 68kg, its simple and clean design will allow you to easily install it in your home. The operating temperatures from -10 ° to 50 ° will guarantee you optimal use whatever its installation location.

Memory capacity: 5800Wh: The capacity of this battery is 5800Wh. This equates to 5800W for the duration of 1 hour. If this autonomy is not enough, you can add these batteries to the cart. Capacity is added easily.

Output power: 4000W: The instantaneous power of the battery is maximum 4000W.


Main features

  • Additional SlavePack battery
  • 100% discharge
  • 6000 life cycles and +
  • Lightweight design
  • Memory capacity: 5800WH
  • Output power: 4000W

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