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Solax Power 3kW inverter for photovoltaic network with storage batteries

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For the photovoltaic inverter on grid Solar Power, integrate an advanced system for the energy storage battery. They are equipped with charge 48V batteries - 50 A integrated.
This inverter provides a complete solution for energy-intensive installations in order to maximize the use of solar energy by minimizing the energy bill.


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Solax Power 3kW inverter for photovoltaic network with storage batteries

Solax X-Hybrid. Solar accumulations even at night

Solax power products, in particular the lithium X-Hybrid storage system SK-SU series, compliant with CEI 021.
The Solax X-hybrid inverter reduces dependence on traditional power suppliers. Photovoltaic modules produce their maximum electrical power during the day when the sun shines and when you and your family tend to use the least amount of energy or have lower consumption levels. With the continuous rise in the cost of energy and the continuing decline in incentives for renewable energy, it is crucial to get the most out of its photovoltaic buildup.

The only grid system that incorporates an advanced battery charger and EPS function.

X-Hybrid offers:

  • the latest technology in the field of solar inverters;
  • a fully integrated system with battery management;
  • a higher self-consumption of the generated energy (minimum 80%);
  • a management that prioritises load and storage in the battery compared to the distribution to the network;
  • EPS function in case of blackout, with automatic safety isolator for system isolation from the network in case of maintenance.
  • ability to change priorities according to their needs through user-friendly control panel;
  • plug and play installation.

Xcloud remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is available on all X-Hybrid inverters, using the standard Wi-Fi feature on devices.


  • Remote monitoring through the dedicated portal;
  • easy and fast installation via plug and play system;
  • recorded data are kept for over 25 years;
  • the portal has an intuitive synoptic for managing the solar system;
  • errors and malfunctions are quickly detected and transmitted by email or sms;
  • records of recorded data and plant performance can be mailed.

Technical Features

Model: SK-SU3000E

Input (DC)

Max. recommended DC power [W]: 3.300
Max. DC voltage [V]: 550
MPPT voltage range [V]: 125~530 V
Norminal DC operating voltage [V]: 360
Max. input current [A]: 12
Max. short circuit current [A]: 15
No. of MPP trackers: 1
Strings per MPP tracker: 1

Output (AC)

Nominal AC power [W]: 3000
Nominal AC voltage, Frequency [Hz]: 230 - 50/60Hz
range [V]: 180~270 V
Nominal AC current [A]: 13
Max. AC current [A]: 14,4
Total harmonic distortion (THD): <3%
Displacement power factor: 0.9leading to 0.9lagging
Power factor (Rated Power): 1

Battery Charger (Inside)

Compatible battery type: Lead-acid battery / Lithium battery
Nominal battery voltage [V]: 48
Battery voltage range [V]: 40 ... 60
Capacità massima delle batterie collegabili: 10 kWh
Max. charging current [A]: 50
Charging curve: 3-stage adaptive with maintenance
Over-current protection/Over-temperature protection: Yes
Communication interfaces: Can/RS232


Max. power [W]: 2500
Max. charge current [A]: 50


Max. power [W]: 2500
Max. charge current [A]: 50
Depth of discharge: 50% for lead-acid battery (default)
90% for lithium battery (default)


Max. efficiency: 97,6 %
Euro efficiency: 97,0 %
MPPT efficiency: 99,9 %
Stand-by losses [W]: < 3W

EPS function

EPS rated power [VA]: 2000
EPS rated voltage/Frequancy [V/Hz]: 230VAC 50/60Hz
EPS rated current [A]: 9
EPS peak power [VA]: 1.5xPrated 10s.
Total harmonic distortion (THD): <3%
Switch Time: < 5s

Dimensions of Inverter

Dimensions (A/L/P): 595x680x167

Weight: 32 Kg

Rumore Acustico: < 40dB(A)

Accumulation system with LITIO, AGM, GEL and FREE ACID batteries

The X-Hybrid system is a storage system compatible with LITIO, AGM, GEL, FREE ACID. Solax Power offers accumulation with LFP lithium batteries, which represents the latest and most innovative technology for this kind of applications.

LITIO BATTERIES UNIQUE FOR CONTINUOUS CYCLING EXERCISES. LFP technology has been chosen because it offers the following benefits:

  • 1000W input, more than 978 returned;
  • 80% DOD;
  • More than 4000 cycles;
  • Discreet and compact design;
  • 50 to 48V modules that allow for fast installation and easy future storage capacity increase;
  • Wide working temperature range;
  • Internal BMS capable of reporting real-time alarms on display or via X-Cloud;

Each element has a capacity of 50 Ah. The different elements can be installed in the following houses or using the standard rack cabinets. If the batteries are installed in an EPS function, to avoid overcurrent damage related to the cues, they should be installed in appropriate quantities.

Strength Points

Energy Where and When You Need:

  • Increase in self-consumption from 25% to 80%
  • One of the most advanced accumulation systems.
  • Fully integrated system, including bidirectional battery charge;
  • Load and battery have priority over self-use mode;
  • However, it remains the ability to change priorities through the "user friendly" display;
  • High quality lithium batteries that deliver high performance both in terms of warranty and discharge depth;
  • Easy to install ('plug and play').
  • Securing its energy future regardless of the increase in energy prices;
  • Reduce line stress by reducing power from solar sources;
  • Possibility of benefiting from government subsidies for accumulation systems;
  • continuity of operation even in the presence of electric blackouts;
  • high quality components from leading manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Japan;
  • high solar energy usage and long battery life thanks to the innovative design of the charging module;
  • high charge / discharge efficiency (94%, 90% for Nedap PowerRouter);
  • lithium batteries supplied as standard provide high DoD rates and longer durability;
  • the modular design increases the capacity of both the battery charger and the battery itself, allowing the system to be adapted to any type of system;

How It Works

Energy When You Need:

  1. Produce photovoltaic energy;
  2. Used according to load;
  3. It accumulates in surplus, charging the batteries;
  4. It uses accumulated energy when the load is higher than the energy produced by the solar panels or at night;
  5. Enter the excess energy in the network (if required, it is possible to inhibit or limit the power input to a certain value).
  6. Production, consumption and input are monitored by X-Cloud.

X-Hybrd is a grid system that integrates inside the part of the storage system

EPS mode can be assimilated to an emergency power supply system as provided by the ENEL distribution distribution line guide.
At the time of installation of the system, switching devices must be provided, to prevent even accidental interference between their power supply system and the Enel network.
To this end, two devices must be installed, respectively:

  • at the border point between the island operating facility (Important Utilities) and the rest of the plant (Municipal Utilities);
  • between the island-enabled installation part (important utilities) and the EPS output of the inverter.
Devices must be equipped with an electrical interlock (redundant).

X-Hybrd is a feature with EPS function, which guarantees continuity of operation even in case of blackout.

Smart Heater

X-Hybrid is equipped with an intelligent control system for the electric resistance of the boiler that is activated and deactivated according to the configured thresholds.

When the battery is charged, and the photovoltaic panel energy is higher than the set threshold, the electrical resistance that will use the exhaled energy will be activated instead of slip it to the network. This way you can use the sanitary water production system as a heat buildup.

This feature offers an interesting opportunity to save money, especially in the hot months.

A smart plug for power supply is available as a separate accessory.

The smart plug is plugged into a normal electrical outlet near the accumulation.

The wireless control will allow you to receive commands from the inverter installed on the inverter.



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