Solar Charge Controller PWM 5A 12V EP Solar LandStar

Solar Charge Controller PWM 5A 12V EP Solar LandStar Off grid

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The EP Solar charge controllers are ideal for connecting solar panels for small installations such as votive kit, log cabin, lighting, home, irrigation, electric gates, bridges, radio, etc...

Charge Controller Ep Solar PWM

5A 12V LandStar

The EP Solar charge controllers adopt the most advanced digital technology and automatically work completely.
The battery charging via the "Pulse Width Modulation" (PWM), can significantly increase the battery life.
In addition to this function also plays a task of maintaining the battery is preventing the overload that underdischarging. The EP Solar charge controllers are also equipped with LED lights that are meant to show the status of the controller and accessories related to it (panels and accumulators).
Also possess the function of adjustable twilight. By means of a button you can adjust precisely how many hours the lamp will remain lit after the sun has set. The electronics are protected with a dust-proof covering.

Technical Features

  • Code Product LS0512R
  • System voltage 12V Max.
  • Max. Voltage of the battery 16A
  • Current battery charge 5A
  • Own consumption< 6mA
  • Operating Temperature -35°C / + 55°C
  • Humidity 10%
  • Protection 90%
  • NC Protezione:IP30
  • Cable section 2.5 mm2 :

Size and Weight Controller

6.6 cm 2.5 cm
9. cm

Width 9.0 cm x Height6.6 cm x Thickness2.5 cm
Weight: 0.23 Kg


2 Years warrenty

Function Diagram

Product Features

    • Low cost: The process of industrial production at high quantity allowed to maintain the very low cost of this regulator, all to the advantage of the customer.

    • High Reliability: All components used are of high quality. The controllers are tested directly by the manufacturer, resulting in a badger fault very low.

    • Electronic protection: This controller has a system of protection which does not require replacement of fuses. Any error in installation does not damage the regulator.

    • Tropicalization: The electronics are protected with a dust-proof covering. In this way are minimized damage from moisture and insects.

  • Ease of use: This controller is fully automatic and does not require calibration or settings. I simply need to plug it in and it will carry out its work.

Manuals, Datasheets and Certificationsioni

User Manual En [LINK]
Data Sheet EN [LINK]
CE Certification[LINK]


For service or plant configuration call
0882 22 82 47
For technical assistance, write to
[email protected]
Product Code
Technology (MPPT - PWM)
Nominal system voltage (VDC)
Max. battery voltage
Rated Battery Current
Max. PV input power
Charge Circuit Voltage Drop
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop
Working temperature
-35℃ to +55℃
10%-90% NC
Equalize Charging Voltage
Boost Charging Voltage
Float Charging Voltage
Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage
Low Voltage Disconnect Voltage
Equalize Duration
2 hours
Boost Duration
2 hours
Overall dimension
Net weight
Protection grade
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