AGM Battery 7AH 12V Syrio Power Off-Grid Solar System Electric Vehicles Marine

Battery 7Ah 12V hermetic rechargeable anti-theft alarm group UPS

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The sealed AGM batteries are produced with high quality materials, and delivers high performance to the equipment connected to them. They have been designed in such a way as to favor the recombination of the gases up to a rate of 99%. These batteries are specially designed and developed for use in solar

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AGM Battery Syrio Power 7Ah 12V

The Battery AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is a lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed in the separators consist of a spongy mass of glass fiber. The condition of the electrolyte, the sealed container and the internal chemical reaction to "recombination" (VRLA) make these batteries:

• MF - “Maintenance Free”;

• Immune from the risk of accidental spillage of liquid; • Suitable for installation in close proximity to people and electronic devices.

In addition, the AGM battery technology makes these well suited to power applications in harsh climates. Typical applications are those in which the battery is subject to:

• Operate without maintenance;

• Special installations where there should be no risk of accidental spillage or leakage;

• Applications where there are clinical needs and engine (petrol engines);

• Operate in the presence of vibrations.

The sectors in which are widely used are:

• Pleasure and professional nautical;

• Solar and wind power stand alone;

• Vehicles and electrical machinery;

• Cars and Motorcycles;

• Industrial uses;

• UPS and emergency in general.


Code Product: SB7-12

• Capacity: 7Ah

• Max. Discharge Current: 70A (5sec)

• Terminal: F1/F2

• Weight: 2.04 Kg ±

• Internal Resistance: Approx. 5mΩ

• Operating Temperature Range: Discharge -20 ~ 60°C
• Operating Temperature Range: Charge 0 ~ 50°C
• Operating Temperature Range: Storage -20 ~ 60°C

• Recommended Maximum Charging: 2.1A



Precautions for use

Install the battery away from heat sources of any kind.

Install batteries in dry places, protected from any surface deposits.

Do not install batteries in an airtight room or very close to open flames or sparks in what can be emitted gas.

is good practice to mount the batteries in remote between them in such a way to provide cooling and ventilation.

In the cleaning of containers, do not use gasoline, naphtha or other types of solvent.

In the case of losses due to breakage, avoid contact with your hands because the battery is sulfuric acid.

In case of contact wash with plenty of water and do the utmost attention to the eyes.

Do not connect in series or parallel batteries of different capacities & agrave; or very different "age of production."

Do not store batteries.

Periodically check for wear and / or cleaning.

Batteries should not be disposed of with household waste but disposed of as industrial waste (Law no. 475/88).

Load in Parallel

Use only batteries of the same type and same brand.

Make sure that the cables for the connections are the same resistor.

elusively Use battery with the same date of manufacture and history of use.

Life of the battery

The use of the battery for a long period reduces its capacity to accumulate up to the point where it can not be restored by charging. It means that the battery has reached "the age limits." Given that battery life depends largely on the operating conditions it is very difficult to predict the duration. The main factors that negatively affect the battery life are essentially: Volley Depth, Quantity of overcharging current and the charging voltage. The charging phase, can generate excessive heat, consequently the batteries, placed in a non-ventilated environment (very hot), can deform swelling. Therefore, a key factor is the environmental temperature, in fact more the ambient temperature is high, the greater the deterioration of the battery in operation.



Dastasheet EN [link]


  For service or plant configuration call 0882 22 82 47
  For technical assistance, write to [email protected]
Product Code
Capacity (Ah)
Voltage (V)
2.04 Kg
Max. Discharge Current
Internal Resistance
30 mΩ
Operating Temperature Range
Discarge: -20°C - 60°CCharge: 0°C - 50°CStorage: -20°C - 60°C
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